Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slamming Doors and Tony

Slamming Doors

Our morning began with both kids crawling in bed with us. Eventually, they got out of our bed and started playing. This is when doors started slamming. We are officially entering the dueling siblings years of parenthood including arguments, threats of loss of friendship and slamming doors. I think we have about 13-15 more years of this to enjoy before it subsides. After Liam telling Sophie off for not sharing, during which he was actually very cool, calm and collected, the door fireworks began! In the end, Sophie relented, taking the toy Liam wanted ( I might add that there were two of said toy, so she could have easily shared from the beginning) to him and apologizing. As always, there was a motive behind this for her. She wanted something from him! It worked, and I stayed out of it. That's my new goal- let them work these things out for themselves.

Liam still has problems with language, especially with proper use of who and what and sentence structure. It can be very frustrating, as we have been working with him for the last 18 months or so on this and he just doesn't seem to get it. We often get completely non-sensical questions from him. Sometimes you just have to laugh at it and move on. Today, Pete had found a watch beeping in a bag on the couch and was turning if off. Liam came up to Pete and asked, "Who is that?"  Firstly, there was the who/what thing. Secondly, Liam knows perfectly well what a watch is (another frustrating thing- he often asks questions to which he already knows the answers.).  After giving Liam a bewildered look, Pete replied, "Tony. This is Tony, Liam."

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